IT Director on call for 100 per month.
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All Inclusive €100 Experience IT Director Input
          Peace of Mind.
          Value for Money.
          Information Security.
          Best Practice.

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Also Available Value For Money Review
       Paying too much?
       Getting what you pay for?
       Know your options.

On Site Support
    Low Callout Charge.
    Crisis Management.
    System Administration.

You Don't Need Us if you employ an IT Director
Like most businesses, your business probably relies on technology to survive. You need to be sure that everything is in place and secure. You need to be sure that your business:

  • Pays just enough and no more for your technology.
  • Has all the technology your business needs and no more.
  • Has a disaster recovery plan.
  • Critical data is backed up and secure.
  • Knows how to restore from backups at a time of crisis.
  • Pays market rates and no more for your IT Support contract.
  • IT Support contract covers everything that it should.
  • Is up to date on current technologies that could benefit your business.
  • Always looks for competing bids when purchasing technology.
  • Accurately & objectively evaluates technology products that are offered.
  • Is getting value for money from technology.

Can your business could afford an IT Director!

Your IT Director from €100 per month
We will provide your business with your own IT Director available on email and telephone to advise you on:
  • Technology Selection
    • Proposal Evaluation - appropriate for your business
    • Service Level Agreements Review - coverage & response
    • Identification of Technology Options - know your options
    • Purchasing Decisions - independent, informed opinion
  • IT Governance
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • IT Project Governance
  • IT Staffing
    • Staff Selection Guidance
    • IT Competencies

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