Competency models drive people performance. Get your unique competency model on the web for 200 euro per month.

All Inclusive €200 Your Competency Model
          Developed & Maintained
          12 Job Profiles
          8 Detailed Competencies

Recruitment Pack
          Interview Guides
          Interview questions
          Unique per Job Profile

Performance Pack
          Appraisal Documents
          Unique per Job Profile
          Cross Referenced

Online Model
          Web Site
          Clear & Accessible
          Employee Engagement rent-a-website

Competency Models Predict Performance

Competency models are all about predicting employee performance.

Your model identifies precisely what makes your best people different from others in your business.

Your business requires a unique competency model because each business has its own unique way of 'getting things done'.

Your model empowers your business to find more people like your best people and to develop the same best behaviour in all your employees.

We invest in developing your competency model so that you don't have to.

You pay a low monthly fee to use the model. We maintain your model fully.

This means that your business can access the same human resource capability as fortune 500 organisations without the traditional cost of development.

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